Kelsey Woods

Kelsey Woods is the author of the West Isle romance series. She wrote her first book on a typewriter at five years old. While ‘Sugar The Adventurous Hummingbird’ was lovely, she now prefers using her Microsoft Surface to bring you spicy contemporary romance.

Kelsey can be found attached at the hip to her emotional support Kindle or in recreation centre workout classes with women in their seventies.

Mother of two daughters and a police wife, she lives on beautiful Vancouver Island and will brag about her proximity to the Pacific Ocean at every opportunity.

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My contract didn't say anything about an extra roommate. Especially a scorching hot carpenter who can’t stick to the chore chart. It seems like we're both here for good, and I'm determined to keep things professional. He had his chance...and he never called.


There's a nurse in my grandma's kitchen. Only, she's the same gorgeous yet infuriating woman I ghosted last month. I didn't call her, but I really should have.

Isaac Lauri and Ashlyn Carter have met once before, but now they're unlikely roommates in a hundred-year-old house with an adorable octogenarian. Is sheer willpower and a thin bedroom wall enough to keep their emotions at bay?

Lovingly Restored is a steamy, forced-proximity romance set in the fictional small town of West Isle, Canada.

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Swearing off sex for six months in the hopes of preparing myself for a meaningful relationship seemed like a good idea at the time. Go figure the one woman who has never paid me any attention turns up the heat when I still have one month to go. I don’t know if I have the strength to take things slow with the person who makes my heart race.


It’s been ten years since I escaped my toxic step-father and became the woman I always dreamed of. Being a virgin at nearly thirty was not one of my plans. But, I’m terrified of choosing the wrong man for my first time. When my long-time crush and friend turns out to be everything I’ve ever wanted in a man, it’s almost too good to be true.

Unhurried Hearts is a friends-to-lovers, small-town romance set in the fictional town of West Isle, Canada.

This story can be read as a standalone, but reads best after Lovingly Restored, the first book in the West Isle Romance series. 

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Laurel left Coal's Lake ten years ago as a grieving teen, now she’s moving back with a baby boy in tow. Starting from scratch, she’s hopeful she’ll be able to make her son’s first holiday season in her hometown memorable. When she runs into her childhood friend, Brennan, old feelings come rushing back and it’s as if she never left.


Brennan wants to create holiday traditions of his own, but who will he share them with? As a small-town police constable, finding someone feels impossible. When he spots his oldest friend and feels what it’s like to have her in his arms, he knows she’s the one who got away. He’s determined to prove that she can count on him this Christmas and every day after.

Cupid's Christmas is a small-town, second-chance romance novella.